Professor Charles Bazerman English Studies Research Award

Professor Charles Bazerman English Studies Research Award


With the objectives to develop undergraduates’ abilities to conduct independent research and to enhance undergraduates’ awareness of issues in the field of English studies, Professor Charles Bazerman, University of California at Santa Barbara has kindly agreed to donate a sum to the University to establish Professor Charles Bazerman English Studies Research Award. It is an annual contest that serves as a platform for undergraduate students who major in English to conduct research in English studies. It aims to stimulate the academic potential of our undergraduates. 


The following regulations shall apply as of 2020/2021:

  1. The Award shall be known as “Professor Charles Bazerman English Studies Research Award”.
  2. There shall be 1 award team chosen each year from BAELST/BAEN students. The team will receive HK$3,800. 
  3. Applicants for the Award must:
    1. Be local residents of Hong Kong
    2. Students who are in the BAELST/BAEN program
    3. Demonstrate superior research writing ability as evidenced through the submission of one coherent research project 
    4. Demonstrate superior spoken English as evidenced in an interview
  4. Conditions of the Award:
    1. The Award will be offered in the form of cash payment. 
    2. Award winners must maintain a CGPA of a least 3.0 and must comply with all regulations of the university.
    3. Winners will assist in activities (such as presentations or writing workshops) designed to enhance the learning culture in the Department and in fostering a creative English environment.
  5. Application Procedure:
    1. Applicants must submit their application form and their research project by 15 May, 2021.
    2. Applicants should submit the application form and one project to the Head of Department of English.
    3. Projects will be screened and judged by our EN faculty in the preliminary judging stage. Finalists will be judged by the Head of Department of English.
    4. Finalists will undergo an interview to determine the extent to which their spoken English is reflective of the quality of their writing. One project team will be chosen from the finalists.

Download application form here