Title Email Room
So-Yeon Ahn Assistant Professor soyahn@cityu.edu.hk M8087, CMC
Alice Chan Associate Professor enalice@cityu.edu.hk M8075, CMC
Champa Detaramani Senior Lecturer enchampa@cityu.edu.hk Y7627, YEUNG
Bertha Du-Babcock Associate Professor enbertha@cityu.edu.hk M8076, CMC
Christoph Hafner Associate Professor c.hafner@cityu.edu.hk M8089, CMC
Simon Harrison Assistant Professor simon.harrison@cityu.edu.hk M8072, CMC
Jenifer Ho Assistant Professor jenifer.ho@cityu.edu.hk M8093, CMC
Peter Jordan Assistant Professor pejordan@cityu.edu.hk M8011, CMC
Becky Kwan Associate Professor enbkwan@cityu.edu.hk M8083, CMC
Klaudia Lee Associate Professor hiuylee@cityu.edu.hk M8078, CMC
Joanna Mansbridge Assistant Professor jmansbri@cityu.edu.hk M8096, CMC
Jeffrey Mather Associate Professor and Associate Head jlmather@cityu.edu.hk M8077, CMC
Lindsay Miller Associate Professor enlinds@cityu.edu.hk Y7631, YEUNG
Carl J.W. Ng Assistant Professor carl.jw.ng@cityu.edu.hk M8097, CMC
Diane Pecorari Professor and Head diane.pecorari@cityu.edu.hk M8018, CMC
Anne Peirson-Smith Assistant Professor enanneps@cityu.edu.hk M8094, CMC
Jack Pun Assistant Professor kwokhpun@cityu.edu.hk M8091, CMC
Emily Ridge Associate Professor eamridge@cityu.edu.hk M8098, CMC
Eunseok Ro Assistant Professor eunseoro@cityu.edu.hk M8092, CMC
Eric Sandberg Assistant Professor esandber@cityu.edu.hk M8095, CMC
Matthew Sung Assistant Professor matthew.sung@cityu.edu.hk M8084, CMC
Xiaoyu Xu Assistant Professor xiaoyuxu@cityu.edu.hk M8085, CMC

YEUNG refers to Yeung Kin Man Academic Building. CMC refers to Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. Directions to our offices could be found on Contact Us.