Administrative staff

Title Email Phone Room
Cecilia Chan Executive Officer II 3442 8853 M8100, CMC
Winnie Cheng Executive Officer I 3442 2388 M8100, CMC
Chris Leung Executive Officer I 3442 8886 M8100, CMC
Winnie Ng Clerical Officer I 3442 8864 M8100, CMC
Wai Keung Too Clerical Officer I 3442 8865 M8100, CMC
Hemans Wong Executive Officer I to Head 3442 9632 M8017, CMC
Miranda Yung Clerical Officer I 3442 8863 M8100, CMC

YEUNG refers to Yeung Kin Man Academic Building. CMC refers to Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. Directions to our offices could be found on Contact Us.