Minor in English for Professional Communication

This programme aims to:

  • Assist students in developing their English proficiency through the study of and exposure to a wide range of professional communicative contexts, locally and internationally.
  • Acquaint students with a basic theoretical understanding of the use of English in Professional Communication, and the impact of globalization on the use of English.
  • Cultivate students' ability to analyze the English language, and its use in specific professional and business contexts.
  • Develop in students an appreciation for the relationship between communication and culture, bringing an awareness of the roles and rules of language both within and across a range of intercultural and intra-cultural contexts.
  • Offer students basic training in the use of English in professional and corporate communication.
  • Develop in students the ability to critically evaluative and reflect on language use and build their interpersonal skills for different professional contexts.

Credit distribution

Core 3
Electives 12
Total number of credit units 15

For students admitted to the Minor with Catalogue Term Semester A 2019/20 and thereafter


Code Title Level Credits Syllabus
EN3525 English in Corporate and Professional Communication B3 3 EN3525.pdf


Code Title Level Credits Syllabus
EN2720 Persuasive Writing B2 3 EN2720.pdf
EN2837 Communicating Fashion Culture B2 3 EN2837.pdf
EN3321 Public Speaking and Presentations in English B3 3 EN3321.pdf
EN3504 Intercultural Communication B3 3 EN3504.pdf
EN3513 Promotional Writing in English B3 3 EN3513.pdf
EN3561 Advertising Copywriting in English B3 3 EN3561.pdf
EN3586 Workplace Culture and Interaction B3 3 EN3586.pdf
EN3592 Professional and Corporate Discourse B3 3 EN3592.pdf
EN3596 English Summer Programme B3 3 EN3596.pdf
EN4166 Writing and the Modern World B4 3 EN4166.pdf
EN4505 Intercultural Organizational Communication and Institutional Interaction B4 3 EN4505.pdf
EN4511 English in Creative and Cultural Professions B4 3 EN4511.pdf
EN4519 Public Relations Writing in English B4 3 EN4519.pdf
EN4564 Strategic Business Communication in English B4 3 EN4564.pdf
EN4565 Negotiation in Professional Contexts B4 3 EN4565.pdf
EN4573 Language in Law and Crime B4 3 EN4573.pdf
EN4574 Communication Strategies in Business Projects B4 3 EN4574.pdf
  • Not all electives can be offered in any one year.
  • Any student would like to declare a minor should take at least half of the coursework at the Department. That is 8 out of 15 credit units for a minor. In this connection, coursework exemption or credit transfer should be limited to a maximum of 7.