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GE2133 The Life and Times of the English Language - CityU English

Code Title Level Credits Syllabus
GE2133 The Life and Times of English Literature B3 3 GE2133.pdf

This signature course showcases the English subject by means of providing a sampler of the the topics and themes explored in English studies. It is taught by a team of faculty members from the Department of English, each of whom makes their area of specialisation accessible and interesting to students from all subject backgrounds. Themes taught on the course include the development of the English language and its literature; how linguists work as detectives to solve crimes by analysing language; how fictional detectives have contributed to English literature; and the role of English in the world.  Activities include interactive lectures, online activities, reflective tasks and project work.  


GE courses

Code Title Level Credits Syllabus
GE2105 Popular Culture B2 3 GE2105.pdf
GE2108 Literature in Our Lives B2 3 GE2108.pdf
GE3110 English in Society B3 3 GE3110.pdf

College foundation course

Code Title Level Credits Syllabus
EN2011 English on the Move B2 3 EN2011.pdf