Faculty research interests

Second language acquisition, Grammar, Phonetics and Phonology, and Lexicography

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Anxiety in Language Learning, Attitudes and Motivation towards Learning English, English for Specific Purposes, Independent Language Learning, Language and Identity, Learning Strategies, and Learning Styles

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English for specific purposes, Language and Law, Digital literacies, Multimodality, Language learning and technology

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Translanguaging, Multimodality, Social Semiotics, Out-of-class Language Learning, Qualitative Research Methods

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Writing for Scholarly Publication, Thesis Writing, Genre Analysis, Academic Discourse Analysis, English for Academic Purpose, English For Specific Purposes

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Second language writing, English for academic/specific purposes, Systemic functional linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Natural language processing

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Nineteenth-century literature and culture, Spatiality, Adaptation, Appropriation and translation, Comparative and world literature

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Modern and Contemporary Drama (especially US), Transnational Performance Studies, Film and Visual Culture, Gender Studies and Queer Theory, Ecocriticism

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Literary studies, Travel writing, Literary journalism, Modernism, China/West studies

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Learner Autonomy, Listening, Pedagogy, English for Specific Purposes, Qualitative Research Methods

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English for specific purposes (ESP), English for academic purposes (EAP), Academic writing, including intertextuality, citation and plagiarism, Second-language vocabulary development, Teaching and learning in the English-medium environment.

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Health Communication, English as a medium of instruction, English language learning and teaching, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Classroom interactions, Discourse analysis, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

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Modernism, Contemporary Fiction, Genre Fiction, Crime Fiction, Nostalgia and Literature, Cultural Prestige, Thomas Pynchon

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Applied Sociolinguistics, Language and Identity, World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, Second Language Education, Multilingualism, International Education

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English for Academic Purposes, Corpus Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics,Discourse Analysis, Business Communication

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