Winner of Teaching Innovation Award - Dr Peter Jordan

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CityU EN Teaching Excellence

Dr Peter Jordan’s teaching methodology involves a high level of in-class interaction. The aim is to encourage students to treat their learning, not only as a personal process, but also as a collective endeavour, based on mutual curiosity and a respect for diversity. Students are free to offer opinions and float ideas without fear of ridicule or censure; to argue, to disagree, to present alternative viewpoints; to listen, to reflect, to be adaptable; and above all, to not fear failure.

All arts-based disciplines recognise that truth and reality are mediated by individual perception, experience and imagination. Even theoretical physics, much like fine arts, requires the exercise of imagination to explore and extend the boundaries of the discipline.

One particularly effective tool for teaching and learning is drama. As both an art form and a transferrable skill, drama can help students to engage, enquire and discover through the use of imagination: the real sixth sense. Drama not only facilitates language acquisition and application, but it also provides an opportunity to explore other fields such as history, law and psychology, or to examine moral, social and ontological issues.

Most of all, this process motivates students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning experience.

Students involved in Dr Jordan's drama project, Museum, won the inaugural DEC competition (Undergraduate Group Section) in 2015.

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