Internships for the English major at CityU

The mission of the Department of English is to provide students with an excellent education, not only through the pursuit of scholarly knowledge in English language and literature, but also through the application of professional communication theory and authentic practice in professional organisations, as well as the community at large. In other words, we aim to equip students with the necessary English communication skills to help them transition from being students to becoming professionals.

Aims of the internship programme

A firm believer in achieving excellence through applied scholarship, the Department of English seeks to provide students with real-life working experience in authentic settings with local or overseas professional institutions and non-governmental organisations for a period of full-time or part-time employment. Students are expected to acquire an in-depth and practical understanding of the workplace contexts in which they may apply their knowledge and skills related to the English language through hands-on experience. At the end of the internship programme, students will have honed their analytical, communication and research skills to professional standards.

Programme quality

The Department of English maintains quality assurance via company visits and/or meetings with host organisations conducted by faculty members from the Department. Students attend compulsory pre-internship workshops, and complete assignments evaluated by both the Department of English and internship partner (on-site supervisor). 

Intern selection and pre-internship training

All interested students will be invited to apply for the programme and will be interviewed by host organisations of their choice, to determine their suitability. Successful applicants are judged not only on their academic results, but also on their aptitude, attitude and participation in co-curricular activities. All student interns will attend a series of compulsory workshops that cover business ethics and etiquette, workplace communication, and a range of other topics to prepare them for their workplace experience.


The Department of English will provide successful student interns with monthly allowances. We also welcome any other honorariums or additional food, overtime or transportation allowances voluntarily provided by organisations to the students.

Selection of internship partners
  • Branding Records
  • Executive Counsel Limited
  • EX-R Consulting Limited
  • Integrated Brilliant Education Ltd
  • Just Volunteers
  • Randstad Hong Kong
  • Word of Mouth Communications

Programme duration

Full-time programme 3 credits for 2 months, between May and July, during Summer Semester. Part-time programme 3 credits, 200 hours minimum, flexi-time schedule agreed upon between student and organisation during Semester A, from September to December, or Semester B, from January to April.