Talks by our faculty

Talks by EN faculty

Title of talk Date  Conference/ Event Faculty Useful materials
Interview with Chris Haswell 24 February 2021 Interview Diane Pecorari


Why Do We Still Have Plagiarism? 7 December 2020 Research seminar Diane Pecorari


Receptive and Productive Academic Vocabulary Knowledge in English-Medium Instruction 27 November 2019 Research seminar Diane Pecorari


Do as I say, not as I do? Setting student plagiarism in context 20 June 2019 Plagiarism across Europe and beyond  Diane Pecorari


The Impulse to Gesture : Where Language, Minds, and Bodies Intersect 30 May 2019 Online podcast Simon Harrison

How to Teach Effectively in the English-medium Classroom 29 May 2019 Public lecture Diane Pecorari


Examining plagiarism and intertextuality in second-language writing 8 May 2019 Public lecture Diane Pecorari