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Call for Special Issue of
Journal of English-Medium Instruction

Autumn 2022

The Journal of English-Medium Instruction (JEMI) announces a call for a 2022 special issue. The purpose of the special issue is to bring together contributions (full papers as well as other types of contributions) dedicated to a specific topic, issue or problem relating to English-Medium Instruction, providing an in-depth engagement with the area in question. 

Please note that this is an open call, inviting proposals of special issues on any topic within the scope of JEMI.

About the journal

Around the globe, varied instructional settings use English for teaching and learning purposes, despite the fact that it is not the first language of some or all participants. The Journal of English-Medium Instruction provides a home for research on this important and rapidly growing phenomenon. The journal adopts a broad understanding of what constitutes English-Medium instruction (EMI), while differentiating it from other multilingual pedagogies. EMI is an inherently interdisciplinary field, spanning multiple branches of applied linguistics and (higher) education pedagogy and didactics. A key objective of JEMI is to unite these strands of EMI research and enable scholarly work in one corner of this interdisciplinary area to reach both researchers and practitioners in others.  JEMI welcomes contributions on a range of topics of relevance to EMI, e.g., forms of instruction, translanguaging, language policy, assessment, support for instructors, the transition from content and language integrated learning to EMI, and the development of academic as well as disciplinary literacy.

Instructions for proposals

Proposals for the special issue should be no more than ten pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12) and should address:

•    the objectives of the SI.
•    the scope, including potential themes and/or questions to be addressed.
•    why the proposed theme merits a special issue.
•    why JEMI is an appropriate outlet for the special issue.

The proposal should include 
•    A provisional title for the issue.
•    The names and CVs of the proposed guest editor(s), along with a half-page biographical note detailing previous editing experience for each. 
•    A draft call for papers, including indicative topics and a timeline

The deadline for proposals is 15 August 2020. Following this deadline, the proposals will be evaluated by the Editors-in-chief in consultation with the Editorial Board. During the evaluation process the Editors and/or members of the Editorial Board may approach external experts in the area of the special issue topic proposed to give their opinions on the proposal. 

Special Issue Proposal Schedule

Submission Deadline: 15 August 2020

Please send any inquiries to JEMI’s Editors-in-chief Diane Pecorari, and Hans Malmström,